NoteScraps is a random information manager for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP. NoteScraps is a place to store and find all the random notes that you will never remember and may never need until the time when you desperately need it right now. NoteScraps is easy to use because it doesn't do much. It lets you take notes and find notes. That's it!

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NoteScraps is great for...

  • Notes from phone calls
  • Shopping lists
  • Your spouse's clothing sizes
  • Frequent flyer plan numbers
  • The name of your dental hygienist
  • Your in-laws' flight arrival details
  • Order confirmation codes
  • Steps to make a conference call
  • ...and much more!

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Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista

NoteScraps requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 to be installed on Windows XP. If you do not have it installed, or do not know if you have it installed, use the first download button below to run the framework setup before using the second download button to install NoteScraps.

Microsoft Windows Vista users can use the download button below.




You can unlock the full version of NoteScraps for only $20!
Use the Buy Now! button inside the application.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q. How do I delete a note?

A. Select all the text in the note (Ctrl+A works) and then press the Delete key. When you leave an empty note it will be deleted.

Q. How are the notes organized?

A. The most recently modified notes are shown first.

Q. Can I search my NoteScraps notes with desktop search tools, like Google Desktop Search, Yahoo! Desktop Search, or Windows Desktop Search?

A. Yes. NoteScraps stores your notes in a plain text file in your My Documents folder, which is automatically indexed by most desktop searching tools.

Q. How do I use bold, italic, and other formatting in my note?

A. NoteScraps is simple. It doesnít support any formatting.

Q. How do I put an image in a note?

A. You canít.

Q. Can I sort the notes manually?

A. No.

Q. How do I print my notes?

A. NoteScraps stores all of your notes in a plain text file. Youíll find it in My Documents\NoteScraps\NoteScraps.txt. You can print this file using Notepad or any word processor.

Q. How do I export my notes?

A. All your notes are always exported. The NoteScraps file format is plain text, and easily imported into a word processor or other tool.

Q. How do I import a bunch of notes into NoteScraps?

A. Just edit My Documents\NoteScraps\NoteScraps.txt in any word processor. (Be careful to not convert it to the word processorís native file format. Notepad is a safe tool for this.) You can create new notes by simply adding them to the file. The standard format for a note is:

:: created: 2007-01-10T21:11:42Z
:: modified: 2007-01-10T21:11:42Z
:: style: YellowSticky
This is the text of my note.

The minimal format is:

:: created: *
This is my new note. It will get the default style and the created time will be set to the time it is first loaded.

Q. How do I reach the NoteScraps team?

A. Send an email to

Special Thanks

The NoteScraps team would like to thank Tornado Notes for meeting this need back in the days of MS-DOS, Windows CardFile for filling in, crudely, during the early GUI days, Microsoft Outlook's notes feature for almost doing the job, Windows Notepad for always being there, and.NET 3 and WPF for finally making it easy to do it right: simple, elegant, and cheap.